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What funny broadcast mesages

BBM Display pictures and broadcast.

What funny broadcast mesages

Funny Voicemail Greetings - Creative.

In 1935, Willy Müller invented the world’s first automatic answering machine. It was a three-foot-tall machine popular with Orthodox Jews who were forbidden to Bo Burnham Lyrics What's Funny I need some funny bbm broadcast.
The best funny voicemail greetings: Hello, this is Death. I am not in right now, but if you leave your name and number, I’ll be right with you
14.08.2011 · you know the type that go 'ping and i'll answer this: you are.. if i was with you i would.. you know questions like that, anyone got any good ones
'Zombie Apocalypse' hoax message on U.S..
Funny What AM I Riddles

Funny Answering Machine & Voicemail.

16.12.2010 · (by Toni Osai) With promo’s on BIS services making BlackBerry services readily available to junior secondary and even primary school students, suya

'Zombie Apocalypse' hoax message on U.S..

What funny broadcast mesages

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